Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Counseling Pen

At the doorway there is a jar of writing pens that you can take, so naturally I grab a few and stick them into my purse. After all, I have just...

Day 21 Better Me Challenge

It hit me like a rock. I woke up with my muscles aching and my head pounding. I could barely see from a severe migraine. It was definitely not...

What I’ve learned… Day 7 – Better Me Challenge

I have learned several things about myself such as… I have no patience. As a person who tries to get my to do list done ASAP, I find that I am putting...

Buttery Buns

This is so funny, you have to listen to this”, I heard my daughter telling her girlfriend the other night. Suddenly I heard my voice mimicking someone on television. What I didn’t...

Day 2-Be Better Challenge

Ever had a day when everything goes right? Well I am happy to say that that was my day today. I know right? When do you hear me say...


I’m obsessed with the show-Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.  Part of it is that I am overweight and need to lose some weight for health reasons, but the other part is...
a better me

30 Days to a Better ME!

Ok, so I was inspired by a blogger I follow that has created a challenge and invited others to join him at (Single Dad Laughing). I thought what...

No Dinner???

How does your child talk to your ex? Do you know? Do you care? I always suspected that there was some misinformation on purpose, but last night was when I heard...

The Dreaded Move

Are you in the boat with me renting for a number of reasons? Maybe low credit or maybe you just don't know where you want to live. My lease...

The Drunken Crab Man?

I stood there silently as the man in his late 50's yelled at the man behind the seafood counter at the local grocery store. He was dressed in pajama...

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