Exercise Month ???

I’m so frustrated. I have lost my willpower. I was feeling so good working out hard every day, eating healthy, and taking my supplements. My migraines had almost completely...

3’ B’s… Breathe, Be Present, Be Grateful.

I was watching television last night when Oprah Winfrey appeared and began speaking on one of those evening entertainment shows. She was saying that when people are not calm...

Learning to DeStress

Dealing with Tragedy. Sesame Street has taught us about life lessons for quite some time and now they have taken on another topic teaching us how to destress. There...

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Its a couple of days before the Hurricane hits and the weather is quiet and calm. All you hear is the drills of people putting up shutters and plywood...

Organizing for School

I know when I started back at college a couple of years ago, after many years of being away from school, my first class was a class on how...
index cards

School Ready

Does your child suffer from anxiety the couple of weeks before school begins? My daughter has always had issues sleeping and just an overall bad attitude a couple of...

12 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

12 Things to do on a Rainy day when you don’t have a crafty bone in your body. Yesterday it rained and rained with the forecast calling for rain all...

6 Legitimate ways to Make Money

We’ve all wanted to work from home at one point or another, but how many times have we heard about a scam or two?  I have researched and come...

Cyber Tips

We all worry about our children entering into the world of technology, I felt I had to do some research and come up with several tips to help us...
week 4

Transformation Week 4

So I'm starting week four of my lifestyle change and I am down ten pounds, but more importantly I have lost inches off my waist and hips. I feel...

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