Day 21 Better Me Challenge


It hit me like a rock. I woke up with my muscles aching and my head pounding. I could barely see from a severe migraine. It was definitely not going to be a good day. I had to call into work, which is always the worst feeling mentally. Knowing that other people have to pick up your slack.

I stayed in bed all day in the dark. Luckily, one of my best friends picked up my daughter from school and fed her dinner while I laid in agony even with my medications.

Now today, Day 22 I can reflect on what is going on with me. I have been working out at the gym, drinking more water, but not eating a healthy clean diet as recommended to me and I have a feeling that my body and my brain just couldn’t take it anymore. 

Stress is a powerful thing and I have been trying to do so many things at one time that my brain went into overload.

Balance is the key. I am going to continue with my Better Me challenge but if I don’t hit all points, then I’m still going to believe it was a good day.

I think my personality type is to do everything at one time and then suffer afterwards. Do you have this type of personality too? Tell me I’m not the only one as I continue my journey.