Easy Breezy Broiled Fish

broiled fish

broiled fishWhat does everyone want after a long day of work? A meal that makes itself and cleanup is a breeze?

Today I was asked what my “go to” meal was when I was exhausted or had a lot to do because dinner still has to be made-Right? Immediately Broiled Fish came to mind. This is easy, but remember when I started as a single mom years ago; we had no internet to look up quick ideas like this so this might seem very simple to some but it might help someone like you just learning new meals and tips.

It was only about fifteen years ago that I found a recipe for fish that I could make in my broiler oven saving energy and keeping my Florida bills down while having a nicely seasoned meal in  30 minutes.


  • A piece of fish
  • A square of aluminum foil
  • Seasoning of your choice
  • Fresh vegetables if you choose -cut up carrots, yellow squash etc.

This is how easy it is. Take your piece of fish (mine are more on the thinner side such as Tilapia so if you use a thicker piece such as salmon, just change your cooking time) and season it with anything you want.

There are many different seasonings out there so try a few. Originally I began with a Lemon Herb seasoning, but now I find that I love my fish blackened so I actually use Blackening seasoning. My daughter prefers her fish a little less seasoned so for her I use seafood seasoning that I found at the store. It has no special name just seafood season. Take your seasoning and sprinkle it on both sides of your piece of fish.

Next lay your fish on a piece of tin foil. Use a decent size square of foil big enough to fold over to cover your fish. Sometimes I lay vegetables such as squash on the bottom, fish on top and a small piece of butter on top of the fish.

Next I fold the two sides of the foil up around my fish, making a pocket folding over the edges. I crimp the ends folding them up to the center of the fish to keep the steam inside.

Now I turn on the broiler oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes and set it and go about whatever I need to do. Tonight I actually did a 30 minute workout with my daughter while we waited for our food to be done. I made some rice and corn on the cob (frozen taking only about 10 minutes to boil) and just over 30 minutes we had our complete dinner.

The fish should be flakey when done and fall apart when you touch it with your fork. Carefully unfold your foil packet being careful of the steam will be escaping.

Sometimes I make this and I don’t cook extra vegetables, because this can get even easier if you place vegetables such as cut up squash, carrots, and onions, on your foil first.  This allows your vegetables and fish to cook at the same time. Now that you have your Easy Breezy Broiled Fish, throw away your foil and your cleanup is done.

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