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Every day one of my coworkers, who happens to be a very close friend as well, tells me I am wasting my money on lunches. This particular coworker brings her lunch every day and only on special occasions might take the chance to go out. We have worked together for over 20 years and she is still bringing her lunch.

Yes, it’s true even though I have to be cautious of my spending, I do usually eat out for lunch. I guess I never really added up the cost of eating out 5 ways a week, but I am spending anywhere between five and ten dollars a week. Now realizing how long I have worked with my coworker, I realize just how much I could have saved in 20 years.

What is wrong with me? I just know that in the past if I bring something for lunch whether I have just made it or it consists of leftovers, when it is time to eat, I always cringe at the thought of eating what I have brought which sends me  running out and grabbing something that is close by.

Now this causes two problems-(1) I end up eating something that is not healthy and (2)-the money each day can really add up especially when I am on a specialized diet and can’t just run out for a $2.00 Hamburger.

There was a time many years ago when we all went out in groups for lunch. I looked forward to where our group would go and tell jokes. A great way to break up the day and give yourself a little stress relief.

Another reason to change my eating out ways is my current health which is not good. Its time to take some time and take care of myself. Health says that over one third of adults are considered obese. Mainly because people are going for the quick fast food because of the low cost and quick availability.

This also leads me into the fact that I like to be organized and having everything prepared. If I take the time to make my lunch as I am making them for my daughter, I am really saving time and money. I have found I like to fill my little containers on Sundays with things that I can just grab and put into my lunch box. This initial preparation has helped me immensely with a nutrition plan.

So I have made a decision to do my very best to change my ways. A challenge of sorts, if you will. I have stated to bring my lunch daily. To introduce this concept, I bought a new lunchbox (the JAXX one shown and I love it.  Tipp:I bought it off of of Amazon). It has already it has paid for itself in one week. It has been fun using my new lunch box. It has now been several weeks since I have started my lunch money challenge. It looks so nice, my daughter asked me when I bought a new purse.

My plan consists of making a meal plan for the week, going grocery shopping and saving Sunday afternoon for making some meals for the week days I know I am going to be running behind.

Do you take or lunch or eat out? Many meals can be made healthier and more cost effective than something you would pick up at the last moment. It just takes time and a little preparation.  Even for snacks, I cut up vegetables and make containers of hummus for a little snack in the afternoon.

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