Tax Free Back To School Savings

If you are like me, you are counting every penny that needs to be spent for back to school items for your children. Well good news a little relief begins...

Letting Go of Your Adult Children

Wow today is my oldest child’s 30th birthday, I have to tell you I am feeling a bit old with a nine year old taking up my routine daily...
retrain during summer

Summer Brain Re-train

I remember looking forward to summer as a child. No homework, sleeping in, and the sun- I loved being out in the sun.  Summer is in full swing for...
prep dinners

Time Saving Dinners

I realized a long time ago that it takes just as much time to make two dinners as it does one so after I have created my weekly plan...
autoimmune disease

A Sick Day off?

So I'm just beginning to get my blog off the ground when I get sick. Have you ever seen the commercial on tv where the adult leans into a room...


Every child needs to learn the value of money. An allowance is the best way for them to learn as they earn. You know what your child is capable...