School Ready

index cards

Does your child suffer from anxiety the couple of weeks before school begins? My daughter has always had issues sleeping and just an overall bad attitude a couple of weeks just before school begins.

Now it is three weeks before school starts and we are back on track going over multiplication tables and reading on a daily basis.  My daughter is a visual learner so I take index cards and write the problem on the front and the answer on the back. I don’t expect her to go into sixth grade completely prepared, but I have found that starting this process a month before school begins really helps my daughter’s anxiety of going back to school. My daughter still suffers from anxiety, but as much as I can help her with, I will.  The best part is that she asks me for this, so it is something she wants to do and is not like punishment.

I ask her just to practice an hour a day, but she does more. I throw in some crafts throughout the week just so she doesn’t feel like school is already in session, but I want us both to be ready as usually it takes her a bit to get used to one new class and this year she will go from one class to five classes in middle school.

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