Should Convicts Vote?


I was enjoying a gorgeous, sunny Sunday when my daughter asked me if we could run to the library to get a book she wanted. Who am I to say no to reading and homework? That would never happen in my house so we jumped in the car and headed to the library.

As always, I saw a table set up in front of the library usually with people who want you to sign up to vote, but I knew this was something different. I had been to the library just a few weeks before and I had been asked by a nice couple if I would sign a petition to allow convicted felons to be able to vote after they had served their time. I politely said no, and was on my way.

Today’s encounter was different. The young man immediately asked if we were registered voters. “I am, but I’m not interested”, I said politely as I kept walking to the front door. “You can do it…I know you can”, he yelled behind me. I told my daughter to just keep walking.

We found our books quickly and were ready to leave when I saw a woman look at the front door and then head for the side door telling me she wanted to avoid the man at the front table. A couple was filling out the form when I began to walk by.

“Registered voters sign up here,” he said, “No thank you I am not interested.” I said.

He said “some people are just copy cat people and just don’t want to help people.” I turned around and said “No, I just don’t want convicted felons to be able to vote!” One of the people in the couple said “is this what this is, no, I don’t want to do that,” then and gave the sheet back to the man. He became angry with me and said “look what you’ve done you copy cat!”

I walked away with my daughter, but the woman passed me and said thank you. I smiled. Sorry readers, but I do not believe convicted felons should be able to vote. Yes, once they have served their sentence I wish the best to them and hope they can become successful citizens again, but I know from reading and from personal experience that the recidivism rate is high and I don’t want someone voting who couldn’t follow the rules in the first place. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so. Some people think that a convict should be able to vote after a certain period of time has passed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to me a convict of any kind has already shown a lack of responsibility and dishonesty. If you have read my blog at all you know how I feel about honesty being the fiber of anyone’s moral compass.

We need to teach people just as we teach our children that with any bad behavior comes consequences. How do you feel about this subject? I would love to hear your comment below.

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