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As much as I try to make it on my own without asking anyone for help, there comes a time when you have to admit to yourself that you need help. My health has been getting worse and worse. I cut out gluten which did make it better, but I was still getting the migraines and now my blood pressure and cholesterol was higher than it ever had been. My doctor said to me, “I am concerned. You are headed down the wrong path and you could have a stroke or a heart attack very easily. I am not talking years down the road, I am talking months, if not weeks. You have to do something.” I was a little in shock but left thinking ok, I’ll make a change.

My daughter, who I had sent to her father’s house while I was suffering in bed, came home to tell me “Please mom, don’t die. I don’t want to have to live with dad and I hate it when you send me there. “

“I do it for your own good,” I reply.

“I can take care of you,” she replied. That was not what I wanted to hear. My eleven year old should not be burdened with taking care of me. Bringing me ice packs, Gator aid and such.

So it WAS time for a change. I googled a facility of a trainer’s name and address that I had been driving by every day to drop my daughter off at camp. I saw through the windows women working out in the mornings and evenings. I sent an email that I was interested.

Much to my surprise (or maybe regret ), the trainer replied back to me the next morning with some information and said call me. I knew that was to see if I was really serious. I called him, told him of my health issues and he said come in, I can adapt any program to fit your needs. I have been doing this for 25 years and if you trust me, you won’t be let down. I went in and signed up that evening to start the very next day on my lunch hour.

I am now on my third week of working out. I briskly walk every day for thirty minutes which was very hard and at first I did it on the treadmill at his gym. But then I bought some headphones and a armband for my phone and began walking at the park right next to my house. Literally walking distance from my house to go walking or running. But I am not there yet. He told me with my weight if I ran or jumped, I would just hurt myself so it was only brisk walking for me NOW but more to come.

He put me on supplements that my doctors had been telling me to take for years especially the vitamin D, Fish Oil, and a daily vitamin. Plus protein powder and a powder to help me recover quickly after work outs. I work out with him three times a week usually just using my own weight or dumbbells, but rarely using real weights except for my legs. Those take a beating. But they need it.

I fell off the food plan once in three weeks and that was just the other day. I had a greasy bad cheeseburger late at night because I had been craving it since noon. My trainer said its ok and thank you for telling me but next time you crave make yourself a healthy burger at home right then, don’t wait until it gets late and make sure you have done your training for the day. I felt so much better and got back on the plan right away. This is too important to lose momentum now. My daughter is gone to her dad’s house for her weekly summer visit and that leaves me with no one to be accountable to except myself. Yikes. Why is it so easy to teach your kids what is right but hard to do it yourself. You teach your kids by what they see not what you do.

So if you are underweight like I used to be and unhealthy or overweight and unhealthy like I am now-Maybe you can’t do it alone. Maybe you need an accountability partner which can be your best friend. It doesn’t have to be a paid trainer, but right now I know I have tried to do it on my own and it just didn’t work. Now I am out of choices and I couldn’t find a partner that would really let me have it. Ironic though, since people have found out I am making changes, they have all come to me and said Great, I was so worried about you. I wondered if they had told me and I just hadn’t listened or if they felt it wasn’t there place. Week 3, day 2 and its July 4th. I have worked out and done what I was supposed to do but I am sure I will have a burger later but I told my trainer. He said I will too but I will be back here tomorrow and so will you.


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