Transformation Week 4

week 4

week 4So I’m starting week four of my lifestyle change and I am down ten pounds, but more importantly I have lost inches off my waist and hips. I feel so motivated right now. I find that even when I am sitting watching television, I am trying to do some type of exercise such as crunches.

I am craving healthier foods too now that I have begun eating healthier-mostly salads with chicken or fish. My daughter has begun eating more salads as she watches me.  She has been a great motivator as she sees me already so much healthier.

I know what you are thinking, you don’t have time right? Well I am a single mom who works full time and studies online at night to get my Bachelor’s degree and believe me I am still in bed by ten p.m. most evenings.

I decided to take my lunch hour for my weight training and I walk every night for about thirty to forty minutes in the park after my dinner has settled and the evening has cooled down a bit. My daughter and I throw on our headsets and set off walking as fast as she can. I find myself rushing to keep up with her. I’ll have to see what she’s listening too. It’s great having another thing we can share together and is very relaxing.

Stop WatchSo what if you cannot get to the gym? What do you do then? No excuses-I do push ups using my kitchen counter top. I use my coffee table to rest on while I do my planks-three sets of 30 seconds. I bend down to the coffee table, put my forearms on it in a fashion that it looks like I am praying and lift myself off of the ground-holding for thirty seconds according to my stop watch. I find using a stop watch motivates me because if I am just counting I give up, but watching the time tick down tells me just a few more seconds and you can do this.


Today I acquired some poles to help steady me when I am in the backyard doing lunges. It will look like I am skiing in Florida to my neighbors, but the poles are just to help me steady myself until I get back on track. Really am I here to impress my neighbors or get well?


So I ask you. Is it your time to start? If so, please see your doctor first as I assure you I saw mine who told me to make a change and start off slow. My

friends have told me so many excuses of why they want to work out but can’t. It’s too far to the gym, it costs too much,  or they just don’t have the time.

Remember our children will become what they see.


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