Week 8

eight ball

Well it is week 8 and I do not have any earth shattering news as I thought I would during this time. It has been two months now of working out and eating on a meal plan, and while I didn’t lose any weight this week, I  didn’t gain any either so I guess that is one good sign.

One thing that did happen was that my doctor called to say that my thyroid medicine needed to be lowered as my blood test had shown too much medicine in my blood which was actually poisoning me. Changing my dosage once again has caused my body to go through a variety of changes making me a little sick so I am sure that has a lot to do with me not losing weight, like I expected. My body needs to level out again.

I am still working out, but this week it has been on a Total Gym that I have access to for weights and I’m still walking 2 miles every night. I only take Monday night off because my school assignments are due every Monday night and after a long day of work, the three commitments (work, school, and exercise), are too much with wanting to make dinner and spend time with my daughter.

I do find that now I have time to work out which is something I never thought possible. I find that you always have time, it is just what you choose to do with it. Ok, so my favorite show might have to be put off until another time, but exercising has definitely made me feel better than in the past and has given me much more energy than I ever expected. I can’t wait until I get back to losing more weight and feeling even better.

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