About Me

 Happiness is the new RICH. 

Living in my glass house, I never imagined that I would become a single parent again-yes, you heard me say “AGAIN”. I had been a single parent when my boys, now grown and out on thier own, were just starting preschool. I struggled for years and swore to myself I would never go through that again.

Needless to say years later, I found myself emotionally broken and in a state of despair when another marriage took a bad turn.

I could barely dress myself or get out of bed as I had not seen it coming, but I was determined that it was all just a bad dream and I would wake up any moment. I had volunteered to work at church at a book fair that following weekend and I wondered why people were asking if I was ok. No one knew the turmoil my life had suddenly become, so why were people suddenly asking questions? When I got home that afternoon from Church, I suddenly realized why people were looking at me, I looked in the mirror and realized I had my dress on inside out. Yes, true story… I was in pretty bad shape.

Well years later I can tell you that I love my life and wouldn’t change it for anything. I had to make a decision that my life was changed and it was time to pull myself up by my bootstraps and make a life for myself and my youngest daughter still living at home. You just never know how much Pasta someone has on thier plate, so take a moment and be a kind human.

I won’t tell you being a single mom is easy, but I will tell you it is the most rewarding job I do. I work a full time corporate job, I finished my Bachelors degree online, I have my own business reselling items and media, and I manage to keep a supply of groceries in a pretty clean house despite the dog and now Teen trying to rule the house. Is it perfect?-No, but I am just here to give tips I’ve learned along the way.

Friend or Foe

Be prepared to lose some friends as first. I found that becoming single with a small child scared some of my close friends. My new family life seemed to put into my friends minds, that maybe this could happen to them too so maybe they should just stay away. I even had a friend or two that asked me not to say anything in front of thier children about where my husband was. They didn’t want the word “Divorce” introduced to them at this time.

Was I to believe I was the only one going through this? Was my daughter to be the only child of a single parent income in her entire school? Of course not, but I did abide by my friend’s requests, usually saying he was working or with other family.

What you will find is that your true friends will stick by you and you will even meet some new friends going through the same trials and tribulations so don’t get discouraged.

Which brings me to why I started this site.  Friends were always asking me how I do everything I do. How do I work several jobs at the same time and manage to have a set dinner time and so forth. I’m no superwoman, but I’ve learned to let some things go and put things into perspective.  Especially as the years have gone by. You will find that things that you thought were so important such as your job, just really don’t matter.  If you were to die today, the open job position would be posted probably sooner than your obituary.

Faith and Family are essential to happiness.

Happiness is the new RICH.

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