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Just for fun. Laughter is the best medicine that cures all. My kids say the funniest things that make me laugh everyday. Most of these posts come from some interaction with one of them.

Loud Neighbors-Be Afraid… Be very Afraid.

Now I am mad. I mean very MAD. Now don’t misunderstand me,  I completely understand if you have just bought a new townhouse or home and you have work to...
Nike Shoes

Keeping up

So the time came when my ten year olds daughter's fashion sense has kicked in and she is beginning to notice what other girls her age are wearing. Going...

Pioneer Woman

Last year as I was reviewing my fourth grader’s Social Studies test, I couldn’t help but laugh at an answer she had written. Of course in Fourth Grade it...

The Game of Life

The board game of “Life” is in the closet still used from time to time, but I find that we tend to play the electronic version more often. If...

The Fourth Grade Blues

The Fourth Grade Blues When did fourth grade become so difficult? My daughter who has always brought home fantastic grades and rarely needed homework to be reviewed is now struggling...

Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up?

Sometimes it is good for children to believe in magical ideas such as Santa or good old Saint Nick. I believe it not only helps their imagination, but creates...

Benefits of a Single Mom

Good things about being a single parent that No One will tell you about. LOL! I get every other weekend to myself. On facebook one of my friends quoted another woman...

The Fear

The Fear We all have our fears. Sometimes they drive us, sometimes they can hinder us. They start sometimes as the thunder outside the window as a small child and...

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