Good Grief Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Where has Charlie Brown gone? It’s only days before Halloween and I find out that after 54 consecutive years, the Charlie Brown Halloween special has been taken off the air as well as the rest of the rest of the Charlie Brown movies created by Charles M. Schultz.

I remember as a small child looking forward to watching, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.
The whole family would grab some popcorn and sit down together as a family to watch this classic movie. Poor Charlie Brown just could never get a break, but his trusted dog Snoopy was always there by his side.

We laughed at the teacher that was never meant to be understood by her language but you always knew what she was saying by the way Charlie Brown reacted.

While ABC has owned the rights since the 1960’s (I was born in 1966), Apple bought the rights in 2018.

Apple TV+ announced it will be offering it free on their streaming subscription service from October 19th until October 30th.

What will be do without our classics that even our grown kids and teens alike enjoy watching? It is a holiday tradition in our house.

I feel that family traditions are becoming a thing of the past. I make sure we try to keep a few traditions such as eating dinner together every night and talking about our day to our special Christmas countdown tree where behind every numbered door you will find a Hershey Kiss. One year, I put a different kind of small candy behind each door and on day one, I was told that’s not how we do it, it has to be a Kiss. I immediately ran to the store to keep our tradition alive and never strayed again.

How do you feel about the Charlie Brown series being taken off of public TV? Does your family enjoy sitting down to watch them too? What are some things that you do as a family? I would love to hear about it. If you enjoy my blog please subscribe to it and tell your friends. If you have topics you are interested in email me at [email protected].

Charlie Brown
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