Game Night

So being quarantined inside the house might be driving  you and your family crazy, but if you think about it, it just gives us a great opportunity to connect with our family. Last night we had game night and my teen and I had a blast.

We played Checkers-Some large ones I found. We played the Game of Life and we played Rubiks Race: A new game to me. You play by trying to match your pieces to the Tiny Rubiks cube included and whoever matches the diagram first wins. It was delightful and fast paced to say the least.

OK, so I admit, I lost almost every game, but it was worth it. Laughing and having a great time stuck at home together with both of us saying “NO PHONES”.

Unfortunately, with both of us, we are on our phones too much. Me-usually working, and Meg keeping up with her social life. We made a conscience decision to put the phones down unless we were taking a photo of each other or video because we were laughing so hard, but we had a hard rule about no reading or responding to texts or emails.

Normally on Wednesday nights my daughter goes to youth group, but right now with everything closed, I told her we would have game night on every Wednesday from now on just to break things up. She happily agreed.

Then something magical happened. When we were done playing, she said, “After Homework tomorrow, I am going to wash laundry. Where can I get yours from?”

Fantastic I thought to myself. She’s just been doing social learning and then she’s on her computer or cell phone with friends, depressed and lazy and now she wants to do laundry after a couple of hours of playtime. I felt like I had won the lottery.

What are you and your family doing during this time of isolation? Please share this site with your friends and send me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

game of life
Game Of Life.
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