3D Pen

This is a great toy for anyone over 10 years of age whether you are into hobbies or just a creative person.

It took some practice but the best thing about this is that you can adjust the heat so if the filament begins to twist uncontrollably, changing the heat sensor will fix that.

You will find that using a template and placing the pen closer to the template will give you a more organized flow of the filament, however if you are wanting to create circles, holding the pen up higher from the surface works well. We had a blast playing with this but as I said, it does take some practice. You can always look up some You Tube videos on fun things to make and how to make them if you are not necessarily a creative person like myself.

I purchased this fun product at a discount for my honest review but it would make a great gift for anyone.


3D Pen from 7Tech


10 years +


Easy to use


Adjustable Heat Option


Automatic filiment loader


Filiment included