What will be the new normal after Covid 19? We all are aware now of the illness that took over in 2019, and grew into a worldwide pandemic in 2020. The Corona Virus took the lives of many people and seemed to target elderly people and people with pre-existing conditions.

Many people lost thier jobs due to the shutdown of large companies because of manadory state shutdowns to quarentine and social distancing guidelines. It has been a rough beginning to 2020, a year that everyone was looking forward to and expecting this to be thier year of productivity, balance, and economic fortune.

So where are we now in late June of 2020? Our children were able to pivot and learn Online Learning, but what will the new school year look like in August? I would imagine it will be a half and half situation. Students alternating between being on campus and learning online with days of cleaning to keep everyone safe.

In this uncertain time, my corporate job has implemented a temperature screening checkpoint upon entry of the building. Hand sanitizers are on desks everywhere with cleaning stations set up throughout the building. Masks are required at all meetings when we cannot be 6 feet apart.

How does this affect reselling- my part time job that I enjoy more than anything? It has been a hard year for sure. Quarentine has made it nearly impossible to find product to source and many resellers had to pivot from thier normal niche to sell whatever they could get their hands on to have some type of income. I was fortunate that I had a source that continued even though my products continued to change weekly.

But lets now talk about the good things that this Pandemic brought about if you can wrap your brain around this outlook.

We are all in this together– We have been kinder to our fellow neighbors and have been on the lookout for people that cannot get the basic essentials or are in need of food.

Hand Washing– which should just be a normal aspect of hygiene has now been re-inforced. People-wash your hands regularly for 30 seconds-just sing the Happy Birthday song. This will reduce sickness in general for many illnesses that people suffer from.

Our Houses and Offices are cleaner now that we are aware of bacteria living on surfaces for days. People are finding themselves thinking of surfaces that they never thought about before. This will cut down on normal illnesses as well.

Supporting Small Business– People are having items delivered and have been supporting the small business community like never before. Lets hope this does not change in the future.

So for now, we will continue wearing out masks out in public and going through temperature checks at work places and retail stores. This has become the new normal in 2020.

Temperture check
Temperature Check