The Electronic Notebook: A Must Have


I am one of those people that not only have to write things down to remember, but I enjoy writing. I love the process of writing down my thoughts or listening to podcasts or videos and taking notes. Making little doodles as I am learning. This actually helps me remember seeing the note in my mind and I recall the note immediately.

In an effort to go greener and purely by mistake, I found an amazing electronic notebook- The Rocketbook. I must say that my son told me about it awhile back, but I didn’t full understand how to use it until I bought one for myself. I thought it was for the younger generation and nothing I would enjoy but let me tell you it is so easy to use that even I was able to organize my notes within minutes. When you purchase your Rocketbook, the cloud connected notebook, it comes with the notebook, an erasable Frixion pen, and a microfiber cloth.

Let me tell you it helps me in every way. The first one I bought on Amazon, The Rocketbook Fusion came with blank pages where you can write any way and anything you like. When you have your notes or drawings done, you simply take a snapshot of your page with the Rocketbook application on your phone (install from the App Store). The scan is sent where ever you have previously chosen to send it checking one of the five barely visible icons at the bottom of the page. For example when I make a list of blog ideas, one of my icons sends scans to a blog folder in my google docs. I can easily refer to this folder to review subjects I want to write about.

When you are writing and scanning, you simply mist the page with water and gently wipe if off and suddenly you have a brand new page again and again your notes appear in google or your email. The Rocketbook comes with one Black fusion pilot as the erasable Clickable Frixion pens are the only pens that erase with the electronic notebook. I found out quickly that I wanted colors to play with and Amazon offered many packs to choose from whether you just want a few of these wonderful erasable pens or you want a large rainbow pack of pens. I have included a link so you can see for yourself.

After I bought some pens to play with in my Rocketbook, I found out that my daughter used the same pens in High School because she loves the ability to erase with the pens eraser and I have to say that these erase fantastically when I want to rewrite something i have done in error. You know those words that you couldnt think of and so forth.

A couple of things I have found out about my beloved Rocketbook notebook. Don’t leave your Rocketbook in the hot sun such as a car in Florida or the ink will disappear.  If you write on a page and leave it for a month or so, when you erase it, you may still see a little remnant of the old verbiage or picture you had previously drawn. It’s best to write and erase in a timely manner.

All and all I love my Rocketbook Fusion. The only thing I would ask for it a case to carry it in as it is flexable and you don’t want your Rocketbook to bend.

I know I have found the perfect way to be able to keep my notes sending them to my email or google docs, organizing them as I scan for review at a later date while being green and not wasting so much paper as I had before.

If you are a writer and love the feel of a pen and paper. This is for you. Please feel free to check out my links above. They will take you to Amazon where you can browse and buy for the same price you would if went straight to Amazon, however if you do use my link to go to Amazon, I will be given a small commission and will be grateful to you for helping support my small business.

Do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic device. The smart notebook that eliminates the wasted paper syndrome.