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Just text me back. It bugs the heck out of me when I text someone and they call me right back. Yes I am next to the phone but why call? Why does it bug me so badly?

If I have texted you it is because I don’t have time for a long conversation and I probably have noise such as children in the background so just text me back. You don’t need to call me and if you can’t type-learn.

In today’s society I only want to talk to my grandmother who is 103 years old, still lives by herself ,but cant see the phone to text so I will make a special exception for a special woman in my life and call her as much as I can. We always have a lot to talk about even if we have just talked a couple of days before.

But that is an exception. If I work with you and talk to you all day, I don’t want to talk to you at night. I am busy, just text me and as soon as I am done helping Meg with her homework, getting in my exercise, cooking dinner, making lunches, and finishing my homework before preparing for work the next day, I will text you back.

Don’t get upset if I don’t answer if I have just texted you and you call me. I assume you were meaning to text me back and just hit the wrong button. Its 2017 people- just text me.

But not in the car of course. My daughter even knows that if she thinks I am in the car she is to call me because my phone is in my purse in the back seat so I am not going to see a text at a stoplight but in the car, I will answer so here are my tips. If I am in the car, you can call me and I will answer. If I’m not driving, text me.

Am I the only one that feels this way? Tell me. I would love to hear how you deal with people that call you when you have just texted them. Is this normal or does it just happen to me. Please comment below and be sure to follow me on social media by clicking the links above.

Looking forward to hearing from you via text. 🙂


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