Buttery Buns


This is so funny, you have to listen to this”, I heard my daughter telling her girlfriend the other night. Suddenly I heard my voice mimicking someone on television. What I didn’t know was that my daughter had been recording me on her phone while I said these things that she found so hilarious.

The other day I heard someone say something about buttery buns for a hamburger commercial. I couldn’t resist and immediately yelled out in a strange melodic voice, “I love me some buttery buns!” drawing out the word buns as long as I could. I laughed. Megan said, “what mom?” So I repeated it thinking she didn’t understand what I had said. Oh no, she understood me, she just wanted to record me. So as the girls were supposed to be doing homework I heard my voice say, “ I love me some buttery bunnnnnnsss!” The girls both busted out laughing.

“But wait, “Meg excitedly said, barely containing herself, “I have many more.” She laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. “Oh yes” she told her girlfriend, “that is what we do here at the Del Rosario house.” They both laughed so heartily that I couldn’t help but laugh myself.

“Alright girls-homework time”, I finally was able to bring myself out of the shock to remember what they were supposed to be doing. Not to mention that I was a little embarrassed.

I guess at some point in my embarrassment, I found happiness knowing that my daughter thought that our life was so funny that she enjoys playing excerpts for her friends.