ER card
Emergency contact card

Whether  you are a single parent or not, everyone  needs to carry emergency information on your person or  somewhere easily accessible-preferably in your wallet.

I am a strong advocate of this because I have had chronic migraines since the birth of my first child over thirty years ago and when the migraines get really bad, I have a lot of trouble expressing myself and I certainly cannot remember the names and medications that I am on. I experience symptoms much like a stroke. In fact I have been taken to the E.R. many times because people including coworkers at a hospital I worked at believed I was having a stroke.

In my wallet next to my driver’s license I have a card that I have created that contains a typed list of medications, dosages that I am on and the health problems I have been diagnosed with. Medical professionals are trained to look for your wallet so in the event of an emergency where you could not give someone this information, someone will find it and know your medical conditions.

This little bit of information can save your life. Medical professionals do not need to be concerned about a medication that they may give you that you might have a reaction too. Making sure that the medical professionals give you the correct medications is one very important part during an emergency, but something else to think about -does someone have a key to where you are living? I keep an extra key in my office desk and can call anyone at work in case of emergency. This also helps if I lock myself out as I have no family close and at times have needed to ask someone to get the key out of my desk.

What about your contacts? Are your contacts up to date at work? It is important that during an emergency your employer can reach someone in the event that you are not able to give any information. I happen to have a dog and during emergencies which always happen in the worst of times, (your house is a mess, its not near payday so you have no extra cash for items and you have kids to pick up at school) when you start having chest pains and your blood pressure goes so high that the doctor sends you to the ER STAT. Suddenly you have to put your back up plan in motion.

The question is: DO YOU HAVE A BACKUP PLAN?

Take a moment now and create one. Who would you contact, what is their number? If your children are old enough to dial numbers, make sure you have a contact number list in a main room of the house. I keep an index card with several different numbers on it of people I know I could count on and my daughter has been told to call them after 911 if there is an emergency at my house. It also has our address on it because as anyone will tell you during an emergency the simplest things are forgotten.

How will someone get into your house if they need to and do you have pets? Do you have someone that you can count on that will take care of your pet in the event of an emergency. I hope I have given you some things to think about.

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