Every child needs to learn the value of money. An allowance is the best way for them to learn as they earn. You know what your child is capable of but I am from the old school age where we did all of our chores first thing Saturday morning before we were allowed to watch cartoons that waited for no one.

Children should be given chores based appropriately on thier age. I have researched many areas and have come up with the following list that will give you an idea of what your child should be capable of.

2-3 Years of Age

  • Make the Bed
  • Pick Up Toys
  • Put clothes in the hamper

4-5 Years of Age

  • Help Set the Table
  • Put away thier Laundry
  • Keep thier room organized
  • Water Plants
  • Feed Pets

6-8 Years of Age

  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Wipe down Counter Tops
  • Help Sort Laundry

9-11 Years of Age

  • Vacuum
  • Help with Food Prep ( my daughter helps cut the veges and puts them into prep bowls for the week)
  • Walk Dog
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