Meal Preparation and Planning


cookingMeal Planning-Yes, it is something that has to be done for two reasons.

1st- you have to be organized if you are going to do this successfully and

2nd it helps your financial budget.

Now there are many applications, (apps) out there that can help you with your meal plan and so forth, but for me I choose the simple way and use a calendar writing down everything we have to do that week-All Activities. For example Tuesday and Thursdays are Cheer Practice, game on Saturday. I know that these days I have to have something already prepared and ready to be reheated or we end up eating fast food in the car which doesn’t help our health or our budget.

After I decide what meals I am having on what days, such as Turkey Tacos, Meatloaf (made with gluten free breadcrumbs), I prep on Sundays. Yes after Church it’s weekly meal prep time.

This means cutting everything for my salads for the week and putting them in prep bowls. My daughter loves to help me with the safety chopper and puts all my fixings in little prep bowls so I can simply take a larger bowl and add items from my prep bowls in the mornings have a fresh salad for lunch.

This also means making multiple meals. Buy a Rotissarie chicken and cut it up for one meal, serving with mashed potatoes and corn if desired. Next use the left overs for a quick homemade chicken salad, and then the rest of the chicken is perfect to boil and make chicken soup with for a great lunch. I cook rice and add it in as I am about to eat the chicken soup to give it substance and to eliminate the rice from becoming gooey sitting in the soup for too long.

Sautee Turkey for turkey tacos one night and use the rest for a slow cooker turkey chili later in the week.

Lunch Money?

This brings me to another point-How much are you spending on lunch everyday? Planning will fix that and you will see money in your pocket that you didn’t know existed.

Try planning for a week and then let me know how much time and money you saved.

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