How does your child talk to your ex? Do you know? Do you care? I always suspected that there was some misinformation on purpose, but last night was when I heard it on my own.

“What are you having for dinner, “I heard my ex ask my daughter?  She began to laugh, “Oh it’s too early. I am not allowed to ask until a little bit later”.

 I turned my head laughing and said “What?”

My daughter continued on, “yes, if you ask mom too early then you have to listen to her say that she just got home after working all day, and now she has to walk the dog. She will say she has to sit and rest for a little bit before she can make dinner.”

Naturally I playfully turned around and smacked her gently on the head. “You are going to get it now.” I said laughing.

“Oh what did we have for dinner last night? We didn’t! Mom didn’t cook.” Ok now that was the last straw. Now in my mind I was thinking he must think I never cook for her.

When they finally hung up, I said “do you know how that sounded to Dad? First you didn’t tell him the whole story. We get home at 4:15 every weekday and you want me to make dinner.  I have just gotten home and it’s too early. “

“Mom I did say that, I said it was too early to ask you.” She said laughing hysterically.

“Second “, I continued, “we didn’t have dinner last night because we had a late lunch after attending a late Church Service so we both agreed that we were not hungry at a normal dinner time.”

That got me thinking. How many other things does she say that can be misunderstood? I would bet a lot.

Well the evening ended up with us having left over night because Mondays seem to always be so draining.

Anyway I found it amusing and we had a good laugh over it. I know I feed my daughter and she’s growing fine. I know I am a good mom.

Have any of you ever come across a circumstance or conversation like this? How did you handle it?

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