I’m obsessed with the show-Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.  Part of it is that I am overweight and need to lose some weight for health reasons, but the other part is that a coworker keeps commenting on what I am eating and what I should eat or shouldn’t eat.

I mean daily, all day. He’s known me for 22 years and feels that it is ok to make comments even when I am eating a salad. “Have you read the Plant Paradox”, he’ll ask, “you are eating the wrong greens”. If I get a migraine, he will say read this or watch this. It is truly grueling. At this point I have watched every NetFlix show on food just to satisfy him.

I just can’t ever get anything right and he never says anything to the three girls I work with or the anyone else in the company. Even when some other employees have the same weight gain that I have had.

I firmly believe he wants to help me in some way but so far, it is just making me mad and I feel inferior. I would love to go on Revenge Body, lose the weight, and reveal myself to him saying look what I have done now! Now leave me alone and work on your own insecurities.

I have told him that I appreciate his help, but I have medical conditions that he is not aware of and a lot of my medications are contributing to my weight gain. I’m not using this as an excuse but it does contribute. I know I need to eat better as I feel much better when I cut out certain items. My migraines almost disappear when I eat no gluten and I sleep better when I am exercising and eating right.

And do you want to hear the worst of it? He brings in snacks and chocolate on a very regular basis but when I eat one, he actually yells out to me from his office.

So why not just exercise on my own and tell him to mind his own business? I just haven’t had the will lately to really throw myself into it even as mad as I get. I want that trainer to be accountable to and a real diet plan to follow.

Is there anyone else out there going through the same thing? What would you do? Please comment below and let me know how you would handle this.

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