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Show A Little Kindness…

This afternoon, I walked into a fast food restaurant with a purpose-to get an item for a project my daughter was doing. Yes, a last minute project for a Junior in...

The Slacker

My girlfriend Diana was so upset that she had to vent to me, which is rare. This was about her job. She works hard full days, in fact she works two...

Late Rent. Now What???

Late rent is when you can’t pay your rent in full on or before your due date. These days with the inflation situation, many necessities like groceries, utilities and the monthly...

Code Red /Emergency Preparedness

It’s another work day, nothing unusual until I get the text, “Mom, there is a Code Red. I am locked in the main building in a closet. Immediately anxiety begins to swell...

The Counseling Pen

At the doorway there is a jar of writing pens that you can take, so naturally I grab a few and stick them into my purse. After all, I have just paid for...

Day 21 Better Me Challenge

It hit me like a rock. I woke up with my muscles aching and my head pounding. I could barely see from a severe migraine. It was definitely not going to...

Day 2-Be Better Challenge

Ever had a day when everything goes right? Well I am happy to say that that was my day today. I know right? When do you hear me say this? Have...


I’m obsessed with the show-Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.  Part of it is that I am overweight and need to lose some weight for health reasons, but the other part is that a...
a better me

30 Days to a Better ME!

Ok, so I was inspired by a blogger I follow that has created a challenge and invited others to join him at www.danoah.com (Single Dad Laughing). I thought what a great...

Math Dilemma

We all want the best for our child, which goes without saying. But I was left at a loss of what to do when the school counselor called to speak to me about...

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