wireless doorbell
Wireless Doorbell

RoMeh Wireless Doorbell – Premium Touch Sensor Door Chime with 36 Chime Tones. Range up to 1000ft/300m. One Transmitter & Two Receivers.

This is one of my favorite products. Renting a townhouse, I couldn’t install a device, but couldn’t hear when neighbors were knocking on my door. I found the perfect solution with this wireless doorbell from Romeh. It comes with two receivers that just need to be plugged into an outlet with a¬†transmitter that gets installed with two sided tape wherever you prefer outside.

I was delighted to hear 36 selectable chime tones, some are regular tones that you would hear with a regular doorbell but some chimes are Disney tunes and one is even Happy Birthday for that special occasion when you have guests over.

Well worth the money. I did purchase this item at a discounted rate for my honest opinion, however you will be charged a normal fee if you use the affiliate link above.

Romeh Wireless Doorbell


Easy Install


Two recievers


Volume Control


36 Different Chime Tones

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