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Late Rent. Now What???

Late rent is when you can’t pay your rent in full on or before your due date. These days with the inflation situation, many necessities like groceries, utilities and the monthly...

6 Legitimate ways to Make Money

We’ve all wanted to work from home at one point or another, but how many times have we heard about a scam or two?  I have researched and come up with...

The Heart Felt Gift

I have been fortunate in my life to experienced so many things and have so many possessions when at one time I could fit everything I had in one small hatchback...

Single & Budgeting

If you are one of the lucky ones that receives a regular child support check and has a great relationship with your ex or let's say your parenting partner, then I...

Meal Preparation and Planning

Meal Planning-Yes, it is something that has to be done for two reasons. 1st- you have to be organized if you are going to do this successfully and 2nd it helps your financial budget. Now there are...

Living Gluten Free on a Budget

I contemplated going gluten free for quite a while because of health reasons, but I held off simply because I had heard of the cost associated with specialty foods. I don’t...

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