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CNA Positions-A Job For You?

My first professional job as a young adult was working as a CNA, a Certified Nursing Assistant at Nursing Home near my home which eventually led to a job at a...
home learning

Structure in Home Learning

It is sometime in April, I believe it is the 14th. I know it is a Tuesday because my neighbors have their trashcans at the curb. I took mine out too...

“Parkland Strong”

I couldn’t write about the tragedy before. I just didn’t know what to say. I sat down to write so many times and just couldn’t start with a single word. I...


I am fortunate that my youngest child who is still in school-sixth grade, wants to get good grades and it is so important to her that the first thing she does...

Organizing for School

I know when I started back at college a couple of years ago, after many years of being away from school, my first class was a class on how to study....

You Go Do that Homework Like A Boss!

Yes, that is the powerful, positive words that came out of my daughter’s mouth. So I am finishing my degree online and I saved some hard classes for the end. Not...
index cards

School Ready

Does your child suffer from anxiety the couple of weeks before school begins? My daughter has always had issues sleeping and just an overall bad attitude a couple of weeks just...

The Fourth Grade Blues

The Fourth Grade Blues When did fourth grade become so difficult? My daughter who has always brought home fantastic grades and rarely needed homework to be reviewed is now struggling with the...

Keep Learning

Many years ago, I found myself young, single with no education or training and I needed a job. I was able to land one through a temporary agency as a customer...
retrain during summer

Summer Brain Re-train

I remember looking forward to summer as a child. No homework, sleeping in, and the sun- I loved being out in the sun.  Summer is in full swing for us and...

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