retrain during summer

I remember looking forward to summer as a child. No homework, sleeping in, and the sun- I loved being out in the sun.  Summer is in full swing for us and we are having a blast. I was able to change my hours at work which gives us two summer bonuses.  It allows us to sleep in a bit, not rushing like we do during the regular school year and saves me money, because I don’t have to pay the extra fee to drop children off before 8am when camp officially begins. Camp figured out that the parents have to be at work by 8am and instituted an early and late drop off fee which incurs a 25.00 extra fee weekly.

Anyway, this summer we decided that because funds were low and there would be no official summer vacation trip for us, we were going to pretend that we were on vacation every day and we make a slow morning of it. What’s better than sleeping in on vacation?

But now it is only a month away before school begins and as every parent worries, I too wonder what has my child forgotten? The week school ended, my daughter was sent home with a packet of math, a list of websites, and reading homework to help them re-train the brain during the summer.

So this past weekend, I broke out the folder and announced we only have a month left before school began and now we need to re-train our brain. My daughter was excited and grabbed the folder out of my hand, jumping on the computer. It was great to see her enthusiasm. She actually did quite well but it is something we will review every couple of days until school begins.

I’m sure your child was sent home work as well and maybe you thought as I did: give them some summer time, but now it is time to slowly begin introducing the concepts again so they don’t show up at school next month with summer brain.,, and are a few sites that my daughter uses, but an easy internet search will provide several sites that will be just the right age for your child.

It’s time to re-train the brain.

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