Plus Size Labels No More

plus size

Melissa McCarthy is launching her new clothing line and doing away with the plus size label because she says “women come in all sizes. See full article from CNN.

I love this idea because recently I had to purchase a few items for a trip and I had to go to three stores before I found one that carried my clothing size. I was really dismayed when I saw what styles and inventory was available. It was ridiculous at the lack of design. Then came my next problem, everything was twice as expensive as smaller sizes. Don’t all women deserve the same access to clothing?

Some small minded people say, “ Just lose weight!”.  But there are some of us that because of physical issues or medication have gained the weight and it is difficult lose.  This Plus size labels issue feels like we singled out to be a size that society will accept.  We are the ones that can’t run to the store and just pick something off of the regular rack. Does that make us less than in some way?