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The Slacker

My girlfriend Diana was so upset that she had to vent to me, which is rare. This was about her job. She works hard full days, in fact she works two...

Late Rent. Now What???

Late rent is when you can’t pay your rent in full on or before your due date. These days with the inflation situation, many necessities like groceries, utilities and the monthly...

Code Red /Emergency Preparedness

It’s another work day, nothing unusual until I get the text, “Mom, there is a Code Red. I am locked in the main building in a closet. Immediately anxiety begins to swell...

The Dreaded Move

Are you in the boat with me renting for a number of reasons? Maybe low credit or maybe you just don't know where you want to live. My lease is up...

The Chair

So my girlfriend and I sat on a park bench watching our girls practice volleyball the other evening and were finally given the time to catch up on what was going...

Divide and Concur

Recently I spent several days on vacation with some close friends. Even on vacation I realized quickly that the boys were doing more chores than my daughter the same age was....

Lunch Money

Every day one of my coworkers, who happens to be a very close friend as well, tells me I am wasting my money on lunches. This particular coworker brings her lunch...

But I “Googled” it!

So believe it or not, I had been walking on a fractured ankle for a month. I knew there was a problem. I had walked with a neighbor two miles as...

“Parkland Strong”

I couldn’t write about the tragedy before. I just didn’t know what to say. I sat down to write so many times and just couldn’t start with a single word. I...

Easy Juicy Chicken Breast

Finally I found the way to make easy, juicy chicken breasts in just over 20 minutes.  I found this recipe on www.thekitchn.com and modified it a bit to my taste, but...

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