Week 5 Down Hill


Week 5- Let’s be honest-I have to tell you that Week Five went downhill for me.  I am not doing as well as I was. It is all me, I can’t blame it on anyone else, I was feeling great and losing weight: 2-3 lbs a week which is what both my trainer and my doctor’s say is realistic and the right way to do it, but of course I wanted to lose it all now and fast.

Feeling so great and losing weight consistently, I thought let’s celebrate-Let’s eat out. Not only did I eat out, but I ate food containing gluten which in large quantities just makes me sick as my body automatically becomes inflamed.

Honestly here is what my mind thought. I have a habit of watching the Food Network with my daughter and I found myself suddenly getting hungry while watching late night shows. Mistake No. 1

No. 2 -Then I found that people are really willing to give me a break at this point and that is not what I need. A fellow coworker said to me the other day, “Hey are you losing weight?” I was so happy that someone noticed, I said with a big smile on my face, “ I am, thank you for noticing.”

He said, “Keep up the great work, but don’t become a goody two shoes-you know, you stop eating, stop drinking, and so forth. I like you the way you are.”

Thanks a lot to my coworker, but I need to become a goody two shoes. It took me years to gain this, it is going to take me time to lose it and yes, it will come with sacrifices.

Now that conversation made me feel great, but then I thought sure I can have a few drinks. It really is only 100 calories and sure I can eat that piece of pizza if I don’t eat anything else. While it is the calories you put in, must come back out. It is also the type of calories- fat and carbohydrates verses protein really makes the difference. I was just looking at my calories. Not what was going in.

A coworker came in my office just the other morning and saw a bagel on my desk from the “office breakfast”. He said “That is not going to do you any good.”

“I know”, I said, “but I already feel so bad that a bagel is not going to make me any worse.”

I was wrong. My body just doesn’t do gluten like other people and it’s time I really understand this and believe it. The coworker told me to immediately go get a glass of water and down it. I did and put in a package of Emergen-C Vitamin C and when I was done with that I had a scoop of protein powder and water. I felt a little better, but ended up going home at noon as my migraine began to get worse. Not as quickly as it normally did-I had to admit that, but none the less, I had begun the nightmare once again.

I would like to say it was friends meaning the best who said, “Come on you will work it off at the gym” and so forth, but the truth is I knew I should have just stayed on my meal plan so it was completely my own will power that brought me down.

Do I sound defeated? I felt defeated for a moment, but then as soon as I could get back on the plan, I did. I say this because when I have a migraine, I find the only thing I can drink is Gatorade to make me feel well and this is not a Gatorade commercial, they have in no way indorsed me.

I’m posting this so you know that this is not an easy journey, but it is a valuable one. I’ve gone a month without a migraine until now and that feels like a year. Anyone who has bad migraines will understand what I am saying.

So I have a few days of week five left. After consulting my trainer, I am just getting back on the meal plan, taking Amino Acids every time I exercise ( I wasn’t before and that was my mistake) and going on my brisk walks for the weekend for my cardio until I get back in the gym on Monday for weight training.

I wanted to be honest about the mistakes I made in week 5, but I am getting back on track as this is a struggle as badly as I want it. So what is your struggle? Do you have a food that you feel you can’t live without? Do you feel you don’t have time? Make the time for your family. You cannot take care of your family if you are sick with disease.

Let’s go through this journey together. Start today.

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