At the doorway there is a jar of writing pens that you can take, so naturally I grab a few and stick them into my purse. After all, I have just paid for a session so I can take a pen –right?

So I have to admit, I love these pens and use them daily at work. Now months later …

I was approached by a coworker and asked if this was my pen.”yes, it is”, I said, happy to have my pen back. I forgot it said family counseling on it. to be exact.

“Do they take our insurance?” I was asked next. I was caught a little off guard because I automatically assumed I was about to be judged.

“No, they don’t but my daughter sees a counselor there ever since the divorce because she needed to learn how to get out her emotions in a positive way. These days she hasn’t been in months because I believe she has learned some life skills and has matured quite a bit.”

The woman proceeded to tell me that she felt her kids or her needed to go. She had already looked them up online and was going to check into it.

I felt good. Who knew a simple pen could help someone out.

There is no shame in seeing someone to talk to, maybe things you don’t want to confide into a friend or family  member that’s when it’s good to see someone who can listen and give advice without any feelings about the issue. I like to say, they have no monkey in the circus so they can give good advice. So I would urge anyone who has something on their mind to find a good counselor that can give advice without an emotional attachment.

What about you? Have you thought of seeing someone at times. What is your interpretation of counseling?