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The Counseling Pen

At the doorway there is a jar of writing pens that you can take, so naturally I grab a few and stick them into my purse. After all, I have just paid for...

Day 21 Better Me Challenge

It hit me like a rock. I woke up with my muscles aching and my head pounding. I could barely see from a severe migraine. It was definitely not going to...

My Scariest Health Moment

“I need to send you by EMS to the hospital right away.” I could hear my doctor saying this to me. My head was not only hurting like the intense pain...

Lunch Money

Every day one of my coworkers, who happens to be a very close friend as well, tells me I am wasting my money on lunches. This particular coworker brings her lunch...

But I “Googled” it!

So believe it or not, I had been walking on a fractured ankle for a month. I knew there was a problem. I had walked with a neighbor two miles as...

Simple Spring Chicken with Quinoa

I was in the Publix grocery store to grab a salad for lunch when I walked by the cooking station-Aprons simple meals. The woman asked me to please try this and...

Exercise Month ???

I’m so frustrated. I have lost my willpower. I was feeling so good working out hard every day, eating healthy, and taking my supplements. My migraines had almost completely stopped. I...

Learning to DeStress

Dealing with Tragedy. Sesame Street has taught us about life lessons for quite some time and now they have taken on another topic teaching us how to destress. There are so...

Autoimmune Disease-Could You have it too?

“I don’t have a cold or flu. I have a chronic long term illness. A nap won’t help, I am not lazy. I am taking drugs that cause weight gain and...

Walking Your Way to Health

So now its been 10 weeks of exercise both walking and weights and I feel great. I knew I needed to begin a fitness program, but I wasn't sure what type...

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