Bag Gardening
Bag Gardening
Bag Gardening
Bag Gardening

So today we wanted a quick project that my daughter and I could do together, but wouldn’t take up our whole day. We had been talking about a garden for quite some time. The problem was that we live in a townhouse so we don’t really have a lot of space for gardening. That was when I saw a project on tv about bag gardening. The idea is that you take a bag of topsoil and cut a rectangular box in the top of the bag and plant your seeds right inside of it growing your plants or vegetables right in the bag. It is a form of raised bed gardening. To make it easier for us to attend to, we put the bag of soil on top of a turned over milk crate to raise the bag off of the ground to our level.

Then it was Meg’s turn to pick what she wanted to plant. She chose lettuce.

We created a small trail or trellis of soil and insert the seeds inside. Then a small covering of soil on top of the seeds and a nice watering finished the job.

As the weeks progress, we will show you how our garden bag project turns out.

What a fun project that didn’t take a long time but allowed us to grow something together.

A Month Later

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