No not another season of the Elf I thought to myself. Yes, I too made the decision to purchase an Elf several years ago and didn’t understand the commitment that I was heading into.  If you haven’t heard of this classic toy, then I must ask where have you been, but I will explain.

The Elf shows up just after Thanksgiving and watches over your child. Every night he or she, magically fly’s back to the North Pole and tells Santa if your child has been good or bad. Now in the morning, the Elf has re-appeared somewhere…you have to search the house and find him and sometimes he is doing silly or mischievous things which make the kids laugh. Children everywhere love jumping out of bed to find this mischievous little guy as elves are, but be careful not to touch him or his magic will go away. You must leave him wherever he shows up.

Ok so for years, I have gotten up in the middle of the night with my monthly plan of what the elf would be doing. I placed him in stockings, the Christmas tree, and Barbie vehicles of every type. He made cookies one night, he got into the shaving cream and the Barbie bathtub. Yes, I finally had to look on social media for ideas as I was starting to fall short quickly.

I was so happy when she stopped believing in the North Pole.  I thought I was off the hook this year until an Elf appeared on the television the other night. She giggled with excitement. “I can’t wait to see what the elf does this year”, she said. I laughed and said “listen, honestly it was fun, but I didn’t realize the commitment he was going to take” This was my way of saying we were not doing it anymore.  She laughed and said “Mom, it’s our holiday tradition.” Geez, I thought to myself -now I knew I was in trouble. Had he become a tradition?

“I don’t even know where he is.” I sighed with reluctance.

“ Don’t worry,” she said, “he’ll show up I just know he will or we can buy a new one.”

“ Well buying him, doesn’t that take away the magic?”

“No Mom, That brings magic into the house” was her reply.

So now hopefully is my last year of simple things to do with the Elf. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear about them. Remember, I have commitment issues so don’t give me anything too hard.

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