Time Management

We all want to be everything to everybody. That’s just part of being a mom. We have been brought up to think we live in a world of multitasking as the new normal, but when is too much too much?

If you actually sit back and think about it you can’t do everything at the best of your ability. Some things are going to end up taking a backseat. For example, I pride myself on being a mom, working full time outside of the house, I take online classes with a fulltime schedule to finish my degree, serve at church as often as I can making weekly church services a must for us, and then I was volunteered for some responsibilities at one of my daughters activities.

Now how much of this can I do in my daily routine and enjoy the responsibilities or even succeed at the tasks at hand? Yes, I pride myself in doing these things but they are not necessarily my priorities and many times things have to give.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is what are your priorities? For me this is easy to recognize and it boils down to Church, Family, and Work.

Church: I need church to be with people who have the same faith and commitment as our family does in order to get us through the tough times.

Family: My Family is my primary focus as I want to raise children who can go out in the world and be good examples to others, living happy and healthy lives,  This also mean taking care of myself and living a healthy lifestyle.

Employment: Next my work would be on my list mainly because I have to work to earn a living, but in the many years that I have worked for the same company, it has also become a source for friendships as well. I enjoy working a good day of work feeling like I have accomplished something and going home feeling satisfied.

So where does this leave for other things such as school and close friendships, not to mention the day I decide to date. This is when I really had to sit down and make some changes. I realized I was making myself and Megan do activities and hang out with people for the wrong reasons. It was time to make some adjustments. Some of our activities had to be cut to make room for the priorities in our life.

Computers are meant for multitasking-they are built like this to be able to process many functions at one time and quickly. People are not. We have one brain that processes at one time.

What is important to you and your family? Your list should be things that have nothing to do with your budget. If you find your priorities are cutting into your budget, that is a whole different blog soon to come.

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I am a single parent of three wonderful children. Two boys who are grown and live out on their own and a teenage daughter at home. I have gone through a lot of drama with divorce and sickness- just to start, but have found my way out of the shadows and I am ready to motivate and empower women with what I have learned. Being unqualified is exactly what makes me qualified. I work full time in the corporate world, I'm a parent, and I resell products on several different online platforms. Last, but the most important, I am a Christ follower at Church By The Glades.