cow cuddling

Cow Cuddling

Cow cuddling you exclaim? Oh yes, this is a real thing. Not a petting zoo type of atmosphere, but a therapeutic session with mental health benefits. Since the pandemic...

The New Normal -Covid 19

What will be the new normal after Covid 19? We all are aware now of the illness that took over in 2019, and grew into a worldwide pandemic in...
Ebay Reseller

Reselling: 3 Myths

For years I have run this blog -drama free  I am a single mom, working full time for the same company for 23 years and suddenly I found...
Game Night

Quarantined Game Night

So being quarantined inside the house might be driving  you and your family crazy, but if you think about it, it just gives us a great opportunity to connect...
home learning

Structure in Home Learning

It is sometime in April, I believe it is the 14th. I know it is a Tuesday because my neighbors have their trashcans at the curb. I took mine...

The New Normal

The New Normal… What is the new normal? Working from home, School from home? It sure is in Broward County, Florida. No paper products such as toilet paper or paper...