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Show A Little Kindness…

This afternoon, I walked into a fast food restaurant with a purpose-to get an item for a project my daughter was doing. Yes, a last minute project for a Junior in...

Divide and Concur

Recently I spent several days on vacation with some close friends. Even on vacation I realized quickly that the boys were doing more chores than my daughter the same age was....
Best Friend

Great Friends

Sadly my grown up kids cannot be here for the holidays, but I am fortunate to have great friends that are like a large family to me. Besides, you know the...

3’ B’s… Breathe, Be Present, Be Grateful.

I was watching television last night when Oprah Winfrey appeared and began speaking on one of those evening entertainment shows. She was saying that when people are not calm it is...

Emotional Vampires

Do you have emotional vampires in your life? You know that one person you have just had contact with and now you feel you need a nap because you are so...

Spring Break Camping

Every Spring Break my daughter proceeds to tell me all the fabulous places her friends are going or how the Jone's family is going to get to have the week off....

The Game of Life

The board game of “Life” is in the closet still used from time to time, but I find that we tend to play the electronic version more often. If you are...


We all want to be everything to everybody. That’s just part of being a mom. We have been brought up to think we live in a world of multitasking as the...

The Heart Felt Gift

I have been fortunate in my life to experienced so many things and have so many possessions when at one time I could fit everything I had in one small hatchback...

The Grace of God at This Thanksgiving

It’s always around this time of year when I find myself remembering holidays of the past and I remind myself just how lucky and grateful that I am. I have three healthy...

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